Education Sciences B.A.


Current Students

  • What are the change of major requirements for currently enrolled UCI students?
    • Minimum overall 2.0 g.p.a., quarterly g.p.a of 2.0 or higher, Education course grade of 2.5 or higher and/or a B- or better in one lower division Education course.


  • How do I subnit an application to change my major or double major?
    • On StudentAccess, click on “Applications” and then “Change of Major”. Select “Education Sciences” from the drop down and plus if you are adding the major. If you are changing your major make sure you indicate that you are dropping the other major.


  • How do I double major in Education Sciences?
    • Students must meet change of major requirements and have their application approved by Education and their primary major’s academic unit to add the major in Education Sciences. Some units may request a course plan. Check the status of your application on StudentAccess for forther instructions or updates.


  • Can I do the Education Sciences major and the Educational Studies minor?
    • No.


  • How do I satisfy the practicum requirement?


  • Can I complete a Specialization in this major?
    •  The following Specializations are available with the Education Sciences major:
      • Early Childhood Learning and Development
      • After School Learning and Development
      • Digital Media and Learning
      • English Language Learning
      • Educational Research and Evaluation
    • Specalization course requirement are listed in the 2015-2016 course catalogue.


  • Will this major lead to a teaching credential?
    • The Education Sciences major will provide preparation to enter a teaching credential program upon graduation but it is not a professional educational degree. Students interested in teaching single subjects should consider double majoring in the field they wish to teach. Math and science students should complete the Cal Teach 4 year academic program to earn a teaching credential and a bachelor’s degree ( Multiple subject candidates should consider completing the Early Childhood Learning and Development or Children’s Learning and Development specializations.


  • What is the deadline to submit my application for graduation from the School of Education?
      • Fall 2016: December 2, 2016
      • Winter 2017: February 3, 2017
      • Spring 2017: February 3, 2017
      • Summer 2017: March 10, 2017

    Any late applications will be moved to the next available quarter. If you miss the application deadline, you may not be able to order commencement tickets for your guests and your name will not appear in the commencement program. 

    Students graduating in Winter 2015, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015 may participate in the June 2015 Commencement as long as your application was submitted by the deadline above. Visit www.commencement for more information.

Incoming/Prospective Students

  • Will the School of Education accept readmits?
    • At this time we will not accept readmit applications however you can apply to Undecided/Undeclared, meet the necessary change of major requirements and then apply to change your major to Education Sciences. Readmit change of major applications will be evaluated and accepted on a case-by-base basis.


  • What are the requirements for transfer students?
    • Transfer students must have a minimum 3.0 g.p.a. and meet general UCI admissions requirement. See for articulated coursework and for additional information about applying.


  • When will the major be available for freshmen applicants?
    • The major will appear on the UC application beginning Fall 2014 for Fall 2015 enrollment.


  • Will the School of Education accept students seeking a second bachelor’s degree?
    • At this time we will not be accepting candidates seeking a second bachelor’s degree. You must be an admitted undergraduate student at UC Irvine to complete the major. Please note, a second bachelor’s degree is NOT the same as a current student double majoring. If you are current student please see the change of major requirements above.


  • Who do I contact for more information about the major?
    • Please email with your name, preferred contact information, and question.