Education Sciences B.A.


Please note: A more exhaustive list of major requirements and restrictions is included in the current UCI General Catalogue. The information below represents a summary of the required courses for the major.

Lower Division: 20 units total

  1. Five lower division courses: Education 10, 15*, 30, 40, 50.

*The following statistics courses are approved alternatives for Education 15: SocEcol 13 or Stats 7. The following course sequences are an approved alternative for Education 15 (both courses in the sequence must be completed): Anthro 10A-B; PoliSci 10A-B; Psych 10A-B; SocSci 9A-B; SocSci 10A-B.

Upper Division: 28 units total

  1. One development course (4 units) selected from: Education 106, 107, 108, 185.
  2. One learning course (4 units) selected from: Education 128, 160, 173, 176.
  3. One educational policy and social context course (4 units) selected from: Education 124, 126, 145, 149, 150, 175, 182.
  4. One communications and media course (4 units) selected from: Education 130, 131, 104E, 125, 134, 151.
  5. Three additional electives (12 units) in Education courses numbered 100 to 199*, not including the following professional education courses: Education 109, 143AW, 143BW, 148, 158. At least 8 units of elective courses must be at the upper division level. A maximum of 8 units for any repeatable Education course (e.g., Education 198, 199) may be used to satisfy this elective requirement.

*If a student completes one or more specializations for this major, a maximum of 8 units from other departments that are used to satisfy specialization requirements may concurrently satisfy this upper division elective requirement for the major.

Practicum Requirement: 40 hours total

A minimum of 40 hours of field experience or research in an education setting, satisfied via UCI approved courses that include a practicum or petition for approval of verifiable hours from course that are not on the approved practicum course list or hours from educational fieldwork that is not linked to a UCI course.

3 Year Plan