Brownbag Series - Fall 2010 Schedule

Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00
MPAA 320 (Building 3)

Monday  October 4

Deborah Lowe Vandell, Professor and Chair
UC Irvine Department of Education

Topic: Do Effects of Early Child Care Extend to Age 15 Years? Results from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development

Monday   October 11

Tatiana Melguizo, Assistant Professor
USC School of Education

Topic: College Financial Aid Policy and Competition for Diversity

Monday   October 18

Glenn Levine, Associate Professor
UCI Department of German

Topic:  The Ecology of the Foreign-Language Literature Classroom: Complexity Theory as a Model for Pedagogy

Monday   October 25

Gedeon Deak, Associate Professor
Cognitive Sciences, UC San Diego

Topic: Cognitive Flexibility in Young Children: What Develops?
Paper 1:2003  Paper 2:2006

Monday   November 1

James Leak & Weilin Li
EPSC Ph.D. Students

Topic: Is Timing Everything? How Early Childhood Education Program Impacts Vary by Starting Age, Program Duration and Time Since the End of the Program

Monday    November 8

JeongSuk Pang
Korea National University of Education

Topic: Good Mathematics Instruction in South Korea

Monday  November 15

Patricia Greenfield, Distinguished Professor
Developmental Psychology, UCLA

Topic: Bridging Cultures for Latino Immigrant Families and Schools: From Theory and Research to Practice, Intervention, and Dissemination

Monday  November 29

Mimi Ito
UC Irvine

Topic: TBA