Brownbag Series - Fall 2012 Schedule

Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 or day/time posted below
Location: Education 2024 or location posted below

Monday  October 1

Andrew Penner, Assistant Professor
UC Irvine Department of Sociology

Topic: Refusing to Fail? Over-Persistence, Under-Persistence, and the Gender Gap in Science

Tuesday   October 9

Gordon B. Dahl, Professor of Economics
UC San Diego
Presented by the UC Irvine Department of Economics & The Center for Economics and Public Policy 

Topic: Peer Effects in Program Participation

Wednesday   October 17
Room 2010 

Sean Reardon,Professor
Stanford University

Topic: Left Behind? The Effect of No Child Left Behind on Academic Achievement Gaps

Monday   October 22

Kreshnik Begolli, Ph.D. Candidate
UC Irvine, Ph.D. in Education 

Topic: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Tuesday   October 30
12:30-1:30 pm
SSPB 4250

Andrew McEachin, Post-Doc
University of Virginia

Topic: Pushed Forward or Pulled Back?: Accountability Incentives and Eighth Grade Algebra Enrollment in California

Monday  November 5

Matthew Peterson,  Senior Scientist
MIND Research Institute

Topic: The Neural Basis of Spatial Temporal Learning

Tuesday  November 13

Joshua Lawrence, Alex Lin, Jin Kyoung Hwang
UC Irvine School of Education

Topic: Academic Vocabulary Instruction Across the Content Areas: Results from a Randomized Trial of the Word Generation Program

Monday  December 3

James Carey, Profesor of Entomology
UC Davis Science and Society Program

Topic: Complementary Strategies for Digital Instruction: Online Teaching, Peer Review, Enrichment Videos and UCTV

Tuesday  December 11

Ronald Dahl, Professor of Community Health and Human Development
UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

Topic: The Feeling of Motivation in the Developing Brain: An Exciting Focus of Trans-Disciplinary Developmental Research