Brownbag Series - Fall 2013 Schedule

Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 or day/time posted below
Location: Education 2010 or alternate location posted below
Open to the Public 

Monday  September 30

Bill Tomlinson, Professor
UC Irvine Department of Informatics

Topic: Information Technology for Sustainability Education

Monday   October 7

Mitchell Stevens, Associate Professor
School of Education, Stanford University

Topic: Online Learning and the Future of Higher Education

Monday   October 14

Jamal Abedi, Professor
School of Education
University of California, Davis
Visiting Professor
UC Irvine School of Education 

Topic: Impact of Language Factors on the Assessment of ELLs and Students with Disabilities
Paper 1 | Paper 2

Monday   October 21

Gary Matkin, Dean
Continuing Education, Distance Learning, & Summer Session
UC Irvine 

Topic: MOOCS: What Are They and What Is UCI Doing About Them?

Monday   October 28

Professional Development Seminar for Ph.D. Students

Topic: What You Need to Know about Student Benefits, Reimbursements, and Tax Implications

Monday  November 4

Morgan Polikoff, Assistant Professor
Rossier School of Education
University of Southern California

Topic: Lies, Damn Lies, and Alignment: Important Alignment Issues in the Common Core Era

Monday November 18

Jade V. Markus Jenkins
Postdoctoral Fellow
UC Irvine School of Education 

Topic: Comparing the Effectiveness of Head Start and State Pre-K Using a Propensity-Score Matching Regression Discontinuity Design

Monday December 2

Camrin Christensen
Regional Director for the South Caucusus, Eurasia Partnership Foundation 

Topic: Youth Banks - Young Agents of Community Change

Monday December 9

Liane Brouillette, Associate Professor
UC Irvine School of Education 

Topic: How Arts Integration can Support Language Development in the Primary Grades

Wednesday December 11

Kathleen McDermott, Professor
Washington University in St. Louis Department of Psychology

Topic: Effective Learning and Effective Learners: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies 

Thursday December 12

Henry L. Roediger, III, Distinguished Professor of Psychology 
Washington University in St. Louis

Topic: Cognitive Enhancement of Education: From the Lab to the Classroom

Monday December 16
Room 2024 

James R. Booth, Professor
Northwestern University

Topic: How Does the Brain Learn to Read?

Tuesday December 17

Drew H. Bailey, Postdoctoral Fellow
Carnegie Mellon University

Topic: The Development of Children's Fraction Knowledge: Theoretical and Educational Implications

Wednesday December 18

Joonkoo Park, Postdoctoral Associate
Duke University Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Topic: Improving Math with Number Sense Training