Brownbag Series - Fall 2016 Schedule
Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 (or day/time posted below)
Fall 2016 Location: Education 3216 (or alternate location posted below)
Open to the Public 

Monday  September 26

Derek Llomas, Fellow
The Design Lab
UC San Diego

Topic: Bridging Neuroscience and Interaction Design: How Online Game Design Experiments Can Accelerate Scientific Experimentation and Social Impact at Scale

Monday   October 10
MPAA 408 

Andrew Shtulman, Associate Professor
Cognitive Science, Psychology
Occidental College

Topic: Conceptual and Epistemic Obstacles to Understanding Science

Monday October 17 

Melinda Petre, Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Education
UC Irvine

Topic: Community College Student Decision Making in the Wake of the Great Recession

Monday  October 24

Lorena Llosa, Associate Professor
Steinhardt School of Education

Topic: The Critical Role of Teachers and The Complicated Relationship Between Language Proficiency and Content Knowledge in the Assessment and Instruction of English Learners

Monday  November 7

Molly Fox, Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology

Topic: The Socio-Ecological and Cultural Context of Early-Life Development


Monday   November 28

Ralph Adolphs, Professor
Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology
Cal Tech

Topic: The Social Brain and Autism

Tuesday   November 29
Educ 2024

Mimi Engel, Assistant Professor
Public Policy and Education
Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

Topic: Understanding Mathematics Instruction in Kindergarten

Thursday   December 1
Educ 2024

David Purpura, Assistant Professor
Human Development & Family Studies
Purdue University

Topic: The Role of Language in Early Mathematics Development

Friday   December 2
Educ 2024

Brandy Gatlin, Postdoctoral Researcher
Urban Child Study Center
Georgia State University

Topic: Advancing Opportunities: Understanding Language Variation and Literacy among Learners from Diverse and Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Tuesday   December 13
Educ 2001

Stacey J. Lee, Professor
Educational Policy Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Topic: Invisibility, Hyper-Visibility, and the Model Minority Stereotype: Hmong Americans Working Within and Around Racial Discourses