Brownbag Series - Spring 2012 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted below:
Education 2024, 12:00 to 1:00 pm

April 9

Adam Sheppard, Ph.D. Student
Anamarie Auger, Ph.D. Student

Topic 1: Social Network Analysis of Communication Patterns within Professional Learning Communities
Topic 2: Process Dimensions of Child Care Quality and Children's Academic Achievement: An Instrumental Variables Analysis

April 23

Tara Barnhart, Ph.D. Student

Topic: Developing Secondary Pre-Service Science Teachers' Ability to Attend, Analyze, and Respond to Student Thinking

April 30

Kimberly Gomez
UCLA, Urban School Division 

Topic: The Multi-Literacy Affordances of an Online Social Learning Network

May 7

Robert Ream
UC Riverside

Topic: Trust, Motivation, and Diversity in Undergraduate Science Education

May 9
Room 2010

Eugene Galanter
Columbia University

Topic: Education Science: Beyond Psychometrics

May 14

Ricardo Nemirovsky
SDSU Cener for Research in Mathematics & Science

Topic: Embodied Cognition, Thought Experiments, and the Learning of Mathematics

June 4

Cristiani de Oliveira Dias
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Topic: Online Project-Based Learning and Social Inclusion