Brownbag Series - Spring 2013 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted below:
Education 2010, 12:00 to 1:00 pm

April 1

Andrew McEachin, Ph.D.

Topic: Measure for Measure: The Challenges in Estimating Measures of School Performance in Portfolio Districts

April 8
*Room 3238 

Eliseo Reategui, Professor of Education
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 

Topic: Possibilities for the Use of Text-Mining Technology in Educational Applications

April 15

Maria LaRusso, Research Associate
Harvard University 

Topic: Social and Emotional Learning in Classrooms and Other School Settings: Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention and Evaluation 

April 22

Chen Si & Zhou Jing
East China Normal University
Xinjiang, People's Republic of China

Topic: The Xinjiang Project Chinese Literacy Intervention in Bilingual Kindergartens: Helping Uyghur Young Children Improve Chinese Vocabulary - شىنجاڭدىكى ئۇيغۇر ئۇقۇش يېشىدىن ئىلگىرىكى بالىلارنىڭ خەنزۇتىلى ئۇقۇش يېزىش ئۇقۇتۇشىدىكى تۇسالغۇلار ئۈستىدە ئۈنۈملۈك تەتققات

May 6

James Kim, Assistant Professor
Harvard University

Topic: A Mixed-Method Randomized Experiment of a Teacher- and Parent-Scaffolded Voluntary Summer Reading Intervention for Low-income Grade 3 Children

May 13

Bill Saunders, Co-Director
Talking Teaching

Topic: Transitioning Productively to the New Common Core Standards: A Report and Observations from Research and Development Work Underway at Schools in LA and Orange County

May 20

Marianne Bitler
UC Irvine Department of Economics

Topic: Distributional Effects of a School Voucher Program: Evidence from New York City

May 22

Flavio Cunha, Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Pennsylvania

Topic: "Skills Beget Skills - An Empirical Investigation"

May 29

Kou Murayama, Research Fellow

Topic: "Critical Roles of Motivation and Study Strategies in Learning: A Multimethod Approach"

June 3

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean
UC Irvine Law School 

Topic: Should Private Schools be Banned? Perspectives on Overcoming Inequality in Education