Brownbag Series - Winter 2010 Schedule

Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00
Education 3238, UC Irvine

Monday  January 25

Tom Carew
Donald Bren Professor and Chair, Neurobiology & Behavior, UC Irvine School of Biological Sciences

"What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Teaching"

Monday   February 1

Vilson J. Leffa
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine Department of Education; Professor, Catholic University of Pelotas


Monday   February 8

Thad Domina
Assistant Professor, UC Irvine Department of Education

Topic: Race Neutrality and Educational Inequality: The Effects of Affirmative Action Bans

Wednesday   February 17  (Note date change)

Inga Dora Sigfusdottir
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine Department of Education; Professor, Reykjavik University, Iceland

Topic: Understanding Risk and Protective Factors for Harmful Behaviour in Adolescents  Paper # 1   Paper # 2

Monday   February 22

Shelia Cotten
Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Topic: A Vision Realized or a Continuing Digital Divide? Examining the One Laptop per Child Program in Birmingham, Alabama

Monday     March 1

Wendy M. Garrard
Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Topic: Ruling in Plausible Mediators of Antisocial Behaviors in Social Interventions for School-Based Interpersonal Conflict: Meta-Analysis of Social Self-Control, Perspective-Taking, and Problem-Solving