Brownbag Series - Winter 2016 Schedule
Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:15 or day/time posted below
Location: Education 2010 (or alternate location if posted below*)
Open to the Public 

January 11

Laura Romo
UCSB School of Education

Topic: Voices from UC Undergraduates at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI): What it Means to "Serve" Latino Students

January 20

Joan Malczewski
Assistant Professor of History & Social Studies
New York University Steinhardt School

Topic: Schools, Teachers, and the State: Educational Reform and Political Development in the Jim Crow South

January 25

Adam Gamoran
MacArthur Professor of Sociology & Educational Policy Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Topic: The Future of Educational Inequality: What Went Wrong, and How Can We Fix It?

February 1 

Sabrina Schuck
Executive Director, Child Development School
UC Irvine School of Medicine

Topic: Canine Assisted Intervention and ADHD-Potential Mechanisms of Action for Improving Executive Function Skills: Main Outcomes from Project P.A.C.K.

February 8

Tesha Sengupta-Irving
Assistant Professor
UC Irvine School of Education

Topic: Tell Them We Are Rising: Serving More Than a Pipeline Through Humanistic STEM Education

February 12

Martha Bigelow
Professor, University of Minnesota
Visiting Scholar: UCI Digital Learning Lab

Topic: Literacy as Social (Media) Practice: Refugee Youth and Native Language Literacy at School

February 29

Kimberly Lakes
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
UC Irvine Pediatrics

Topic: Maximizing the Effects of Physical Activity Interventions on Executive Functions in Children

March 7

Jay Belsky
Professor & Robert M. & Natalie Reid Dorn Endowed Chair
UC Davis

Topic: Beyond Adversity, Vulnerability and Resilience: Individual Differences in Developmental Plasticity | Paper