UC Irvine School of Education CalTeach Math & Science Program

4 + 1 Option

Prepare for a post-baccalaureate teaching credential by earning a math or science bachelor's degree while completing education courses that can be applied to a post-baccalaureate teaching credential.

The following degree programs do not include a teaching credential but do incorporate several education courses that can be applied to a nine-month post-baccalaureate teaching credential program:*

Additional Requirements

In addition to degree requirements set by the University, the state of California has a set of single subject teaching credential requirements that must also be completed. See additional requirements here: Requirements for the Undergraduate Cal Teach Science and Math Single Subject Credential Program

Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP)

UCI's state approved subject matter preparation program allows students the opportunity to waive the CSET exam for mathematics by completing a series of coursework. The Mathematics major with a specialization or concentration in mathematics for education has a significant number of courses that overlap with the math SMPP. Please see the Department of Education http://www.education.uci.edu/academic_programs/smpp/math.php website for more information.