Credential Authorizations

Additional Authorizations

Adding Subject Matter, Supplementary, and Second Authorizations

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Website: 

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) permits teachers to add “authorizations” that qualify them to teach another subject area in addition to their primary credential. The CTC web links for three types of authorization are:

Subject Matter Authorizations:

Supplementary Authorizations:

Second Authorization:

Subject Matter Authorizations

Only Subject Matter Authorizations Are “No Child Left Behind” Compliant.
There are two types: 
(a) Introductory Subject Matter
(b) Specific Subject Matter (Single Subject Only)

Introductory Subject Matter Authorization

  • Ability to teach curriculum for 9th grade level & below (students may be K-12)
  • 32 Semester/48 quarter units of non-remedial coursework including lower or upper division coursework, or related degree required
  • Intro Subjects that can be added: Art, English, Language Other Than English, Math, Music, Science and Social Science

 Specific Subject Matter Authorizations

  • Ability to teach grades K-12 & adult classes
  • 32 semester/48 quarter units of non-remedial coursework including lower or upper division coursework or related degree required (BA or BS)
  • Specific Subjects are: Art History, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Civics/Gov., Dance, Drama, Economics, English Comp., Geography, Geosciences, History, Instrumental Music, Literature, Photography, Physics, Plant Science, 3D Art, 2D Art, Vocal Music 

Supplementary Authorizations

Supplementary Authorizations Are  NOT “No Child Left Behind” Compliant.

  • 20 semester/30 quarter units of non-remedial coursework including lower or upper division coursework or related degree required
  • Ability to teach curriculum for grades 9 & below (for single subject may be in grades K-12)
  • Different Supplementary Authorizations can be added based on whether a candidate is Multiple Subject or Single Subject
  • Supplementary Authorizations Subjects for Single Subjects:  Accounting, Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Child Development, Comparative Political Systems & International Relations, Computer Concepts, Dance, Drama, Economics, Electronics, English Comp., Geography, Geosciences, Graphic Arts, Instrumental Music, Journalism, Literature, Marketing, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Physics, Plant Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Vocal Music, World History.  (Not a complete list.) -Supplementary Authorizations Subjects for Multiple Subject Students: Agriculture, Art, Business, Computer Concepts and Applications, English, Health Sciences, Home Economics, Industrial Art, Languages Other Than English (Specify), Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Social Science

Second Authorizations

Multiple Subject Credential Holders Adding a Single Subject Credential Need:

  • Subject Matter Competence by Exam (Specific Subject CSET Exam)
  • Course in Methodology Directly Related to Teaching in a Departmental Setting

Single Subject Credential Holders Adding a Multiple Subject Credential Need :

  • Subject Matter Competence by Exam (Multiple Subject CSET Exam)
  • One methods course in a self contained classroom (Excluding Reading Methods)
  • RICA exam
  • Course in Developing English Language Skills Including Reading (You have already done this!)

Completing & Submitting the Authorization Application:

  • BA/BS in Related Subject Area: If you have a bachelor’s degree in the related subject, write in the section that you have a BA/BS. (No further information is required.)
  • NO BA/BS in Related Subject Area (Review your transcripts from all colleges attended.)
  • List related courses and be specific where required.
  • Provide course description and/or syllabi where the course title is not indicative of the course content.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor.

Once Approved Your Subject Matter or Supplementary Authorization Will Be Posted on Your State Credential.

Please contact Student Affairs at UC Irvine if you have any questions.