Credential Filing

Filing For 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential

Upon completion of the teacher preparation programs offered at the UC Irvine Department of Education, candidates will need to apply for a 2042 Preliminary credential with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). UC Irvine Department of Education will recommend the candidate for the appropriate credential after verifying that the candidate has fulfilled all requirements, including successful completion of the teacher preparation program.

Please note that the CTC requires universities to file credentials electronically. This filling process takes approximately 10 days. The application process is explained below. 


* Sign up for an individual appointment with your Credential Analyst.

* Bring the following items to the Student Affairs Office (Education Building 2000) for processing your credential application. Credentials will be processed by appointment. An EEE Sign Up Sheet link will be email to you closer to the start date of the credentialing process, which is June 20, 2011.

  1. Application for Credential (NOTE: Form is distributed to candidates by Student Affairs Officer upon candidate's completion of program).
  2. One complete set of official transcripts (in sealed envelopes) from all colleges and universities attended including transcripts for Ed 173 that one may have taken from UCI Extension. Be sure to order UC Irvine transcripts reflecting your coursework completed through the Department of Education, including Spring 2010 grades. Official transcripts will be available for ordering/pickup at the Registrar’s Office starting June 20, 2011. If you were a UCI undergraduate, be sure to include both your undergraduate as well as graduate work on the same transcript request form. The UCI transcripts cost $13.00 each, and University Extension transcripts cost $10.00 each.
  3. An email address that you plan to continue to use for a couple of months after filing for your credential. Please note that the AOL email accounts may not be compatible with the CTC online system.
  4. An updated mailing address.
  5. An electronic payment will be required for the credential application filing fees. A credit card, debit card or a check card can be used.  The CTC will send an email showing you how much you owe. Normally the online filing fee is $ 57.00. If this is your first credential, you have a credit of $27.50 towards your credential filing fees. A Credential Analyst will check to make sure you are credited the right amount.
  6. UC Irvine now charges $65.00 for processing the Preliminary Teaching Credential applications. Please make the check payable to UC Regents. This processing fee is in addition to the $ 57.00 license fee you are required to pay online to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

In addition to the above, the following documents need to be on file in the UCI Department of Education before credentialing. It is your responsibility to submit any missing documents.

  1. Certificate of Clearance or photocopy of a valid permits issued by the CTC.
  2. Original or a verified true copy of passage of CBEST & Subject Matter Competency (CSET or SMPP).
  3. Original or a verified true copy of a certificate of completion for the U.S. Constitution exam unless you have met this requirement with an approved course listed on an official transcript.
  4. Evidence of CPR including adult, child, and infant training. Please provide an original valid CPR card.

NOTE: You are advised to bring all original test documents with you for verification in case we don’t have a verified true copy on file. All original documents will be returned to you at the time of credentialing.

Filing process for your credential application

Make an appointment with your Credential Analyst. At the time of this meeting submit all documents in one packet to the Credential Analyst. 

The Credential Analyst will then submit an electronic IHE (Institute of Higher Education) verification of completion to the CTC. Upon receipt of the verification, the CTC will send you an email stating that you have met all the requirements for a credential along with further instructions. You need to follow the instructions and provide information requested along with an electronic payment for filing fees.

Once the process is complete, CTC will send a confirmation of payment email to you and to UCI. This email can then be given to your employing agencies confirming that you have met all requirements and have filed your credential. The official credential will be emailed to you within ten working days.

Adding Supplementary, Subject Matter, or Second Authorization

You may consider adding a Supplemental or Subject Matter Authorization. These authorizations allow you to teach additional subject areas. The Supplemental Authorizations are not NCLB compliant, however, the Subject Matter are. In order to determine your eligibility, you need to review your transcripts for required course work. (Course syllabi are required when course titles do not reflect the content of a course.) The Credential Analyst will review your transcript at the meeting time. See linked document for subject areas in which you can get a Subject Matter, Supplementary, or Second Authorization.

If a single subject candidate has passed CSET in additional subject areas, provide us with evidence so that additional authorization can be added to your credential with no extra cost to you.

Preliminary 2042 Credential to Professional Clear

You will be required to participate in a two-year State approved Induction Program. These programs are provided and required by school districts. For details, please visit the CTC website at or talk to your employing district.

Please contact Student Affairs at UC Irvine if you have any questions.