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Travel (Disbursements to faculty, staff, visitors and approved vendors for all travel related expenditures)

Are you new to the Travel Disbursement process?  Start here:  How to Plan for University Business Travel and Submit Travel Reimbursement (TR) on KFS

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

    • Form works best using the Firefox browser
    • Please use Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete form
      Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free
    • Download the Travel Reimbursement Request Form to ensure you are using the most current version
    • Save a copy of the form to your desktop before you begin entering the data.  This will enable you to retain the information you enter, and to edit the form.
    • Reimbursement requests should be submitted no later than 21 days after the trip has ended

Guidelines for Submitting a Travel Reimbursement Request Form

    1. Fill out the Travel Reimbursement Request Form and obtain PI funding approval
    2. Original receipts are required for all travel expenses
      • AIRFARE - Submit passenger airline receipt. If booked online, provide the flight confirmation with the ticket number of the flight, the flight itinerary, and the amount paid.
      • LODGING - Submit an original itemized guest folio showing daily room tax rates, and any incidentals. Guest folios can usually be requested at the front desk.  If guest folio is unavailable, submit your credit card statement showing hotel charges (please remove personal information from statements).
      • RENTAL CAR - Submit an original receipt showing "miles in and miles out" and the RA number (rental agreement number). A pre-calculation sheet or rental agreement only form is not considered a receipt.
      • MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT - Submit map with mileage log
      • MEALS - Please submit itemized meal receipts with proof of payment charge
    3. Please tape receipts.  Review instructions regarding how to prepare documents
    4. Submit Travel Reimbursement Request Form to Julie Hahm, Education 3219
    5. Per UC travel regulations, reimbursement requests need to be submitted within 45 days of trip end date. If you have missed this deadline, exceptional approval from the Dean of Education is required. Please provide justification on your travel form.
    6. Redact all personal information on your credit card statement

Traveling Abroad

    1. When traveling abroad on university business, check the latest Foreign Per Diem rates. The maximum lodging rate and the meals and incidentals rate are subject to change.
    2. Travel insurance is required*
    3. If receipts are in a currency other than the US dollar, use the OANDA currency converter and use the exact date of each expense. Print out conversion rates and attach them to the reimbursement form. If you paid with credit card and the statement shows the conversion rate and lists the dollar amount for the travel expense, you can attach the statement to the reimbursement form.

*Required Travel Insurance

Enrolling in travel insurance is mandatory for business trips out of state and to foreign countries and this travel insurance form must be completed each time you travel. When you complete the insurance form, you will be provided with an accident benefit card to use in an emergency while traveling on UC related activities both domestically and abroad. If your trip was booked through Connexxus, you will automatically be enrolled in the travel insurance program.


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