Facilities Services: Emergency Procedures

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  • Emergency Priorities
  • Emergency Response Organization
  • Area/Floor Warden Resposibilites
  • Response Team After 5:00PM and weekends
  • Evacuation Assembly Area
  • Fire Extinguisher/Alarm Locations
  • Equipment List
  • Earthquake Procedures
  • Building Procedures

Note: All building numbers in the pdf document refer to the listings on the UCI Campus Map.

Emergency Priorities

1.   Life preservation
2.   Facilities
3.   Equipment - physical preservation

All classes will be suspended until such time that all faculty/staff personnel and students can be accounted for.

A complete survey of all facilities will be completed to assess damages as well as an assessment of any equipment damages (i.e. computers, files, etc.) to determine if the School can resume a normal or modified class schedule based on prevailing conditions at that time.

If a disaster occurs after 5:00 PM or on the weekend, the following personnel shall be contacted in the order indicated:
1.   Facilities Manager (Luther Tolbert)*
2.   Computer Resource Manager (Hyuk Kang)*

* Will return to campus if necessary

Emergency Response Organization

  1. Berkeley Place is currently included in zone two, the zone map can be found here.
  2. The current Zone Captain for zone two can be found here.
  3. Your Area Warden is Luther Tolbert.
  4. The Zone Captain and Area Warden will be wearing white hard hats and red vests.
  5. Building Coordinators, Search and Rescue Teams, and Floor Wardens will be wearing white hard hats and green vests.
  6. The University does have an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for the campus but for security reasons, the location of the EOC is not included in this pdfument.  Contact the Zone Captain if this information is needed.
  7. For emergency information, turn portable radios to one of the following Emergency Broadcast Stations:
    • KUCI 88.9 FM
    • KWIZ 96.7 FM
    • KOCM 103.1 FM
    • KWZY 95.0 FM
    • WIZ 1480 AM
    • KPZE 1190 AM
  8. The School of Education might be on its own for at least 72 hours.
  9. The School’s emergency supplies (search and rescue, trauma kits, etc.) are located on the 3rd floor.  Please contact Luther Tolbert (office 3215) for information.

Area Warden Actions:

  1. Assess your own personal condition. Take whatever actions necessary to put yourself out of danger.
  2. Activate Search and Rescue Squads. Ensure that each squad has an emergency operations floor plan, flashlight/light sticks, hardhats, work gloves, dust mask, and a tablet and pen. A tape recorder or camera (still or video) could be helpful too. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and carry an extra supply.
  3. Ensure that disabled persons are assisted. Ensure that you keep sight or hearing impairing people informed.
  4. Gain control of the immediate surroundings. Stabilize teetering furniture or equipment, tape plastic sheeting over broken windows, place all phone receivers in their proper positions, etc.
  5. Contact your Building Team Leaders. Keep the message brief. State if you are in imminent danger,(major fire, structural collapse, etc.). Otherwise state, "Floor number...rescue in progress" and hang up.

Floor Warden Actions:

Calmly Use Your Common Sense - Remember that evacuation is one type of disaster response, but it is NOT always the best. If there is no structural collapse of building and there are no fires in progress, it may be that the best place for building occupants is exactly where they are.

Floor Warden List

Building Position





Building Coordinator


Luther Tolbert


Floor Warden


Neda Walker


Floor Warden


Spenser Clark


Floor Warden (alt)


Catarina de Carvalho


Floor Warden


Eric Chansy


Emergency Response Team After 5:00 PM and Weekends:





Luther Tolbert



Evacuation after business hours in case of Fire - Earthquake - Bomb Threat

If the building requires immediate evacuation, the following procedures must followed:

  1. Instruct any occupants of rooms 2004, 2007, 2008, and 1121 to evacuate the building following in-room posted evacuation procedures.
  1. Call 911 to report the emergency.
  1. Contact the Facilities Manager, Luther Tolbert, to report the emergency.  If your call is not answered, you must leave a message including your call back number for him to return your call.
  • Contact the Computing Resource Manager, Hyuk Kang, to report the emergency.  If your call is not answered, you must leave a message including your call back number for a return call.

Electrical Outage

In the event that a floor of the building or the entire building loses electrical power, the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Retrieve a flashlight from (locations to be determined)
  1. Contact the campus police department using the non-emergency number (949) 824-5222 to report the outage.
  1. Contact the campus central plant using the after hours service number (949) 824-5520 to report the outage.
  1. Contact the Facilities Manager, Luther Tolbert.  If your call is not answered, you must leave a message including your call back number for him to return your call.  Luther will contact the Chief Administrative Officer.
  1. Contact the Computing Resource Manager, Hyuk Kang.  If your call is not answered, you must leave a message including your call back number for her to return your call.
  1. Properly shut down all of the department equipment located in 2045.
  1. If the power is not restored after fifteen minutes, close the building for the evening following the regular closing checklist.
  1. Contact the Facilities Manager to report that you have left for the evening.  If your call is unanswered, leave a message and then contact the Computing Resource Manager.  If that call is unanswered, leave a message.

Emergency Assembly Area:

The designated emergency assembly area is the corner of Campus Avenue and East Peltason Drive near the marquee. Assemble on the lawn directly above the marquee

assembly areas

Fire Extinguisher/Alarm Locations



P - Pull safety pin from handle
A - Aim (nozzle, cone, horn) at BASE of fire
S - Squeeze the trigger handle
S - Sweep from side to side (watch for re-flash)

  1. 1.   If the fire cannot be controlled by the use of an extinguisher, then do the following as safety permits:
    • Evacuate people from room(s)
    • Close door(s) after exit
    • Alert the Area Warden of the situation
    • Activate the fire alarm
  2. If people are trapped in a room, advise the following:
    • Place cloth material under and around the doors to prevent smoke from entering.
    • Retreat from the area and close as many doors as possible between people and the fire.
    • Be prepared to signal from a window. Do not break glass unless absolutely necessary - outside smoke may be drawn in.
  3. If people are caught in smoke, advise the following:
    • Drop to hands and knees and crawl
    • Hold breath as much as possible
    • Breathe shallowly through nose, using clothing or a dust mask as a filter  
  4. If forced to advance through flames, tell everyone to do the following:
    • Hold breath as much as possible
    • Move quickly
    • Cover head and hair
    • Keep head down and eyes closed as much as possible.
  5. If clothing catches fire, then STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.
  6. If evacuation is necessary, feel the top and bottom of any closed door with back of your hand. If the door is hot, then do not open it. If the door is not hot, then open it slowly and be prepared to close it if you see fire inside.

Equipment List

***must compile an inventory list***

Earthquake Procedures

During The Earthquake:
•   If indoors, take cover under a desk or table, or brace yourself in a doorway. Stay away from windows.
• If outdoors, move to an open area away from overhead hazards such as power lines, trees, falling brick, or glass.
• If in a car, stop carefully in an open area. Stay in the car.

After The Earthquake:
• Check for injuries. Give first aid. Report injuries and damage to Building Coordinator.
• Use your flashlight, not matches or candles.
• DO NOT use the telephone. Listen to a battery radio for information.
• DO NOT enter elevators or parking structures.
• DO NOT evacuate without instructions to do so. Cooperate with Building Coordinators, Police, and Campus Safety personnel.

Building Procedures

Berkeley Place North
If you are teaching a class, DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE. Tell all students and personnel to remain seated, duck, cover head and hold, or get under the nearest table, etc. Once the initial shaking has stopped, have all students and personnel evacuate the building to the assembly area.

Updated November 1, 2005