"Bridging Cognitive Development and Real Classrooms: A Video Methodology"

Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
Special Topics Conference: Technology and Media in Children's Development
UC Irvine
October 27-30, 2016
Presentation Title: "Bridging Cognitive Development and Real Classrooms: A Video Methodology"
Authors: Kreshnik Begolli (UCI Alumnus/Temple University Postdoctoral Fellow) and Lindsey Richland (University of Chicago)


We describe a new approach to the use of video-based technology for conducting controlled developmental experiments in classroom contexts. We describe a process for editing video recordings of live classroom lessons to create multiple versions, such that only one aspect of the lesson is systematically varied. Other aspects of the instruction are all held constant, including audio, curricular content, student participation, and other notoriously hard to control details of the interactional context that nevertheless impact learning (e.g. gestures, affect). These lessons can be randomly assigned to students by condition within classrooms to meet a high standard for random assignment. This technology provides opportunities for deriving causal data on the efficacy of teaching practices through stimuli approximating a typical everyday classroom context.