November 2015 Newsletter
New Grant to Study Impact of Parenting Skills Embedded in Baby Books
Baby Books

Associate Professor Stephanie Reich is PI on a new S2.9 million NICHD Grant to study the effectiveness of embedding educational information into baby books as a way to educate mothers and fathers about typical child development, injury prevention, and optimal parenting, including coparenting.
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New Grant to Study Hispanic Youth’s STEM-Related Educational and Occupational Choices
Science Presentation

Assistant Professor AnneMarie Conley is PI for the new NSF Grant "Hispanics in the Pipeline: Foundations of Persistence from Middle School to STEM Careers." Her research team will be studying 1,500 Hispanic youth to identify the perceived obstacles, buffers, and unique opportunities related to postsecondary STEM attainment, with the goal of designing educational strategies to improve Hispanic representation in STEM fields (currently only 4% of US STEM workforce). Read more.

New Grant to Study Use of Digital Museum Assets and Tools in K-12 Classrooms

Interim Dean Mark Warschauer has partnered with the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access in a Carnegie Corporation funded grant to evaluate how teachers and students are making use of online materials from the Smithsonian for educational or learning purposes. Read more.

New Grant to Study 2-Year College Entry Influence on Baccalaureate Achievement and Labor Market Outcomes
Community College

Assistant Professor Di Xu has partnered with the Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment on an IES-funded grant to study how and why two-year college entry influences baccalaureate aspirants' academic and labor market outcomes. Findings are expected to inform the community college transfer function. Read more.

White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanics Lauds UC CalTeach Program
White House Initiative

The UC CalTeach program has being recognized for its contribution to Latino students and educational quality by the White House Initiatives on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. UC Irvine's CalTeach program has been ranked #1 in the Western Region for excellence in teacher preparation, and UCI has been ranked #1 in the US for providing the most opportunity and access to low income students. Read more.

Undergraduates Experiment with Photography at Crystal Cove State Beach
Crystal Cove

Undergraduate Education majors and minors were treated to a photographic exploration of Crystal Cove State Park's Historic District as part of their coursework in ED 104: Preparation for Teaching Fine Arts in K-12 Schools. The focus of their field trip was use of photography as a tool to explore an outdoor space. Crystal Cove Alliance hosted the visit, and UCI Illuminations provided transportation. Read more.

UC Irvine Continues 50-Year Celebration with Festival of Discovery
Festival of Discovery

Alumni and community members engaged in creative activities at the four SoE booths during UCI's October Festival of Discovery in Aldrich Park. Visitors could create a catapult and an art robot, play the iPad "Seed Cycle" app, and engage with VGO, a telepresence robot. Read more.

Nacka, Sweden Education Delegation Returns for Seventh Year

Educators from Nacka, Sweden visited Orange County to continue exploring recent developments in educational technology utilization. At UCI's School of Education, the educators learned about technology advancements in the Santa Ana and Saddleback school districts, at the Samueli Academy, and in the use of telepresence robots for connecting homebound children with their school classroom. Read more.


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