UCI School of Education
Peter McPartlan

Peter McPartlan

Ph.D. Student
School of Education

Email: pmcpartl@uci.edu


Peter is an Education doctoral student at UCI with a specialization in Learning, Cognition, and Development (LCD). His research interests are centered on how the classroom environment affects student motivation and engagement in academics, especially among adolescents. A key component of this interest is the relationship between social goals and academic goals, and the development of that relationship throughout middle and high school. Peter is also interested in the increasing role that technology plays in shaping the classroom environment. He believes we must work to ensure that new tools for engagement don't compromise the classroom's ability to nurture prosocial development.

Peter graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Global Studies. As a research assistant studying middle and high school students, he developed an appreciation for the wide array of factors contributing to student motivation. Later, as a user loyalty developer for a startup company, he became familiar with the psychology of rewards systems, sparking an interest in how they could help engineer engagement in the classroom. Meanwhile, tutoring experiences helped him discover his passion for teaching and gave him firsthand experience with the many subtleties that affect student motivation. 

Peter is an avid hockey fan and golfer, and welcomes any chance to work movie quotes into a conversation.