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Tutrang Nguyen

Tutrang Nguyen

Ph.D. Student
School of Education

Email: tutrann@uci.edu


Tutrang Nguyen is a Ph.D. student in the School of Education with a specialization in Educational Policy and Social Context (EPSC). Her research seeks to understand individual and environmental factors that lead to healthy child development. Tutrang’s projects focus on child care, early education policy, and family well-being. 

Tutrang earned her B.A. in Mathematics and Liberal Studies, cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of California, Riverside. She has been awarded the prestigious Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship in support of her doctoral studies.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Representative Publications

Bailey, D.H., Nguyen, T., Jenkins, J.M., Domina, T., Clements, D.H., & Sarama, J.S., “Fadeout in an Early Mathematics Intervention: Constraining Content or Pre-existing Differences?” (Accepted for publication, Developmental Psychology)

Nguyen, T., Watts, T. W., Duncan, G. J., Clements, D. H., Sarama, J. S., Wolfe, C., & Spitler, M. E. (2016). Which preschool mathematics competencies are most predictive of fifth grade achievement? Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 36(3), 550-560.

Additional Publications

Reimer, L. C., Schenke, K., Nguyen, T., O’Dowd, D. K., Domina, T., & Warschauer, M. (2016). Evaluating Promising Practices in Undergraduate STEM Lecture Courses. RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences2(1), 212-233.

Reimer, L., Nili, A., Nguyen, T., Domina, T., & Warschauer, M. (2015). Clickers in the wild: A campus-wide study of student response systems.  In Weaver, G. C., Burgess, W. D., Childress, A. L., & Slakey, L (Eds.), Transforming institutions: Undergraduate STEM education for the 21st century. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press.

Manuscripts Under Review or in Progress

Casasola, T. S., Schenke, K., Nguyen, T., & Warschauer, M. “Can flipping the classroom work? Evidence from undergraduate chemistry.” (Revise and resubmit, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education)

Duncan, R.J., Nguyen, T., Miao, A., McClelland, M., & Bailey, D.H., “Executive Function and Mathematics Achievement: Are Effects Construct- and Time-General or Specific?”

Jenkins, J.M., Auger, A., Nguyen, T., & Yu, W. “Distinctions without a difference? Preschool curricula and children’s development.” (Under review)

Nguyen, T. & Duncan, G.J. “Kindergarten Components of Executive Functions: A National Study.” (Under review)

Nguyen, T., Jenkins, J. M., Auger, A., & Domina, T. “Comparing the Effectiveness of Targeted Curricula in Head Start and Public Pre-K Classrooms.” (Under review)

Schenke, K., Nguyen, T., Watts, T.W., Sarama, J.S., & Clements, D.H., “Differential effects on African American and non-African American’ Mathematics Achievement.” (Revise and resubmit, Journal of Educational Psychology)

Schenke, K., Aguilar, S., Tran, C., & Nguyen, T. “Understanding the role of calibration on student achievement and self-regulated learning.”