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Taffeta Wood

Taffeta Wood

Ph.D. Student
School of Education

Email: tswood@uci.edu


Taffeta Wood is a first year PhD. student at the University of California, Irvine's School of Education with a specialization in Language, Literacy and Technology (LLT). Her research interests include second language literacy in immigrant and refugee populations, how teacher beliefs and attitudes translate into practice and student outcomes, and teacher professional development.  

Taffeta earned her B.A. in Religious Studies from Arizona State University in 2001. She then taught in Iceland, Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix. These experiences in different school systems with different populations lead to her interest in language and literacy development and the dynamic system theory as it relates to the classroom.


Sparapani, N., Connor, C.M., Day, S., Wood, T., McLean, L., Ingebrand, S. (2015). Developmental latent profiles in a sample of first grade students. Invited to submit to the special issue on Internalizing and Learning in Learning and Individual Differences.

Connor, C.M., Dombek, J., Crowe, C., Spencer, M., Tighe, E., Coffinger, S., Zargar, E., Wood, T., Petscher, Y. (2015). Gaining science and social studies knowledge: Conceptualization, design, implementation, and efficacy testing of content and literacy instruction. In press.

Selected Presentations

Zargar, E., Wood, T., Spence, T. (2016, May). The Word Knowledge E-Book: Mining Student       Usage Data to Inform Design and Enhance Achievement. Paper presented at the UCI Fostering Literacy and Learning with Text and Data Mining symposium, Irvine, CA.  

Sparapani, N., Ingebrand, S., Day, S., Wood, T., McLean, L., Connor, C.M. (2015, November). Developmental profiles of early elementary students. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Denver, CO.

Sparapani, N., Ingebrand, S., Wood, T., Day, S., Connor, C.M. (2015, October). Latent growth models of literacy skills in subgroups of elementary students at-risk or identified with learning disabilities. Paper presented at the Council for Learning Disabilities Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.