Ph.D. Students Directory

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Miguel N. Abad College & Career Readiness, Out of School Time Learning, Community Based Youth Organizations, Cultural Capital & Respectability Politics, Trauma & Adolescent Educational Experiences, Boys & Young Men of Color
Priyanka Agarwal Student Engagement in Mathematics, Student Dispositions toward Mathematics, Equity in Mathematics Education, Schools as Organizations, Mixed-Methods Research
Vicky Chen Chen, Vicky

Academic Writing, Extracurricular Writing, Writing Instruction, Critical Reading and Analysis, Language Acquisition, Students and Teachers with Disabilities
Bianca Cung Cung, Bianca

Media & Technology for Education, International Education, Diversity & Equity, STEM, Second Language Acquisition, Statistics

Jennifer Duer Duer, Jennifer

Educational Policy, Achievement Gaps, Early Childhood Education, Parenting, Head Start

Kristel Dupaya Dupaya, Kristel

STEM Education, STEM in Underrepresented Populations, Programs & Policies to Motivate STEM Persistence

Gabriel Estrella Estrella, Gabriel

Cognition & Academic Performance, Academic Performance Interventions

Yunnan Gao Gao, Yannan

Academic Performance, Achievement Gap, Parental Practices, Family Interventions

UCI Anteater Gara, Taylor

Learning Through The Arts, Dance Education, Creative Movement & Embodied Cognition, English Language Learners, Motivation, Teacher Development & Satisfaction, Child Developments

Juan Gaytan Gaytan, Juan

Social-Emotional Health, Early Literacy, Growth Mindset

Lauren Godfrey Godfrey, Lauren
LLT Motivation & Self-Efficacy, Adolescent Reading & Writing Development, Pre-Service Teacher Education, PD for ELA Teachers
graham_n_12 Graham, Nicholas
EPSC Equal Opportunity, Education Policy Reform, Economic Effects on the Achievement Gap, College Access & Persistence, At-Risk Youth, Achievement Motivation, Psychosocial Effects of Ethnicity & SES
greenfelder_12 Greenfader, Christa Mulker
EPSC Learning Through the Arts; Cognitive, Social, & Emotional Development; Learning & Motivational Methods; Learning In & Out-of-School, Educational Equity
Ashley Harlow Harlow, Ashley

Educational Inequality, Student Motivation, Diversity & Equity, Opportunity Gap, Education Policy Reform, College Access, Cultural Capital, Urban School Policy & Program Implementation
Tien Thuy Ho Ho, Tien Thuy

English Language Learners, Writing Development, Vocabulary Development, Reading Comprehension, Identity Formation

Ta-yang Hsieh Hsieh, Ta-yang

Adolescent Development, Educational Underachievement, Academic Motivations, Out-of-School Learning, Cultural Competencies, Social Interventions

NaYoung Hwang Hwang, Na Young
EPSC Social Stratification, Educational Policy Analysis, Teacher Education
jenner_b_12 Jenner, Brandy
EPSC Higher Education Access, Persistence, & Equity; Education Policy; Higher Education Program Evaluation; Student Veterans; For-Profit Colleges/Universities
Suhang Jiang Jiang, Suhang

Adaptive Learning, Instructional Design, Learning Analytics, Motivation 

Maria (Masha) Jones Jones, Maria (Masha)

Cognitive Training, Working Memory, Executive Function, Optimal Learning, Dyslexia, ADHD

Robert Kalinowski Kalinowski, Robert

Child Development, Intelligence, Executive Functioning, Math & Spatial Skill Development, Individual Differences, Media & Learning, Teaching Interventions involving Song/Movement/Video in pre-K through Middle Elementary Grades

Connie Kang Kang, Connie

Economics of Education, Educational Inequality, Education Policies, Intervention

Jacob Kepins Kepins, Jacob
EPSC STEM Curriculum Integration; Secondary Curriculum & Labor Market Interactions; Dropout Prevention & Recovery; Gender, Racial & Economic Achievement Gaps
Tarana Khan Khan, Tarana
LCD Adolescent Motivation, Achievement & Academic Performance, Gender Differences in Motivation, Cognitive Development of Motivation
korobkova_k Korobkova, Ksenia

Anthropology of Education, Use of Technology in the Classroom, New Media, Research Methods & Knowledge Production in Social Science Research

Jenell Krishnan Krishnan, Jenell

Technology in Writing Instruction, Automated Writing Evaluation, Digital Literacy, Teacher Education & Professional Development

Hansol Lee Lee, Hansol
LLT CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning), Corpus Linguistics, Language Assessment, Second Language Acquisition, ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
Jiwomn Lee Lee, Jiwon
LCD Mathematics Education, Teacher Effectiveness, Reflective Practice In Teaching & Learning, Use of Classroom Videos to Improve Instruction
Michael Scott Leo Leo, Michael Scott
LCD Positive Teacher-Student Relationships, Positive Developmental Processes, Enhancing Educational Outcomes
Ryan Lewis Lewis, Ryan
EPSC Achievement Gaps, Educational Equity, Educational Policy, Out-of-School Activities
Qiujie Li Li, Qiujie
LCD Instructional Design, Learning Analytics, Online Learning Environment Design, Social Network Analysis
Grace Lin Lin, Grace
LCD Language Organization, Acquisition, & Interference (in Bilingual and Multilingual Populations), Media as a Form of Both Interference & Intervention
David Liu Liu, David

Science Education, Out-of-School Time Activities, Diversity & Equity
Yangyang Liu Liu, Yangyang

Family Processes, Diversity & Equity in Education, Learning Motivation, Cultural Studies
Peter McPartlan McPartlan, Peter
LCD Academic Motivation, Academic Engagement, Social Goals, Adolescent Development, Identity Formation, Technology in Education
garcia_j_2_12_65 Mercado, Janet Garcia
LCD Mathematics, Aptitudes, Motivation, Pedagogical Approaches, Teacher Learning, Technology in the Classroom, Student Diversity
Shafee Mohammed Mohammed, Shafee

Visual Perception, Working Memory, Contribution of Visual Perception to Working Memory and Its Alterations In Visually Impaired, Cognitive Training, Neural Plasticity, Academic Performance of the Visually Impaired, Personal Digital Assistant Development
Jane Nazzal Nazzal, Jane

Academic Writing, Language & Literacy, Higher Education Success & Persistence, Professional Development of Faculty

Veronica Newhart Newhart, Veronica

Virtual Inclusion, Telepresence, Emerging Technologies to Facilitate Teaching & Learning, Online/Distance Learning, Social Context of Learning, Motivation, Student Health & Academic Achievement

Sara Newkirk Newkirk, Sara

Program Evaluation, Student Achievement, Early Childhood, Teacher Training, Educational Leadership, STEM

Tutrang Nguyen Nguyen, Tutrang

Child Care, Early Education Policy, Family Well-Being

Wendy Ochoa Ochoa, Wendy

English Language Learners, Literacy Development, Vocabulary Development, The Academic Achievement Gap, Relation Between The Home Environment & Literacy Skill     

Jessica Oviatt Oviatt, Jessica

Effects of Illness & Treatment on Academy Success, Peer Development, & School Connectedness; Motivation for Chronically Ill Students   

Remy Pages Pages, Remy
EPSC Behavioral Economics of Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching Evaluation, Formative Assessment, Interventions Impacts Persistence
Melina Pinales Pinales, Melina
EPSC Early Childhood, Educational Inequalities, Achievement Gaps, Educational Policies
Melissa Powell [Powell] Callaghan, Melissa
LCD Early Childhood Educational Technology, Design & Effectiveness of Educational Gaming Apps
Giovanatto Prado Prado, Yenda
LCD Language & Literacy Development in Neuro-Diverse Populations, Language Teacher Professional Development, Technology Applications in Language & Literacy Teaching
Lynn Reimer Reimer, Lynn

K-16 STEM Education, Problem Solving, Character Development, Persistence/Grit, Underrepresented Students

Mariela Rivas Rivas, Mariela
LCD Higher Education, Educational Technology, Online Learning, Learning, Memory, Cognition, STEM Education
Carlos Sandoval Sandoval, Carlos
LCD Teacher Professional Development, Teacher Learning, Alternative Methods to Research and Development
Sabrina Solanki Solanki, Sabrina
EPSC Teacher Effectiveness, Student School-to-Work Transitions, Educational Incentives
Stephanie Soto-Lara Soto-Lara, Stephanie
LCD Underrepresented Adolescents, Engagement in After-School Activities, Adolescent Motivation, Psychosocial Adjustment
Christopher Stillwell Stillwell, Christopher
LCD Teacher Learning, Collaborative Professional Development, Peer Observation, Student Self-Transcription of Language Learning Tasks
Rachel Stumpf Stumpf, Rachel
LLT English Teacher Education, Adolescent Reading & Writing Instruction, Student Motivation, Technology in Literacy Instruction
sun_j Sun, Jennifer
LCD Teacher Education, Teacher Thinking and Learning, Cultural Impacts on Teaching Practices, Pre-Service/ Novice Teacher Learning & Development
tate_t Tate, Tamara
K-12 Literacy Education, Technology-Supported Learning, Exceptional Learners (Gifted, Learning Disabilities, ADHD)
Karen Taylor Taylor, Karen
LLT Reading Development, Academic Writing, Adolescent Literacy, Professional Development for Educators, Teacher Education
Nancy Tsai Tsai, Nancy
LCD Development of Executive Functions, Development & Evaluation of Interventions to Promote Learning 
Nestor Tulagan Tulagan, Nestor

Parental Academic Socialization, Adolescent Motivation, Ethnic and SES Differences in Motivation, Academic Resilience 
Osman Umarji Umarji, Osman

Motivation, Parent-Child Interactions, Adolescent Development

vu_v Vu, Viet
LLT Digital Storytelling, Literacy & Technology as Vehicles for Empowering English Language Learners
wang_wei Wang, Wei

Educational Policy, Program Evaluation, Child Development

Tyler Watts Watts, Tyler
EPSC Early Childhood Intervention, Impact of Income & Social Environment in Later Academic Achievement
Chris Wegemer Wegemer, Chris
LCD STEM education, Underrepresented Students, Identity Development, Afterschool Programs, Motivation, Student-Activism
Taffeta Wood Wood, Taffeta
LLT Second Language Literacy in Immigrant and Refugee Populations, Teacher Beliefs & Attitudes, Student Outcomes, Teacher Professional Development
Ying Xu Xu, Ying
LLT Technology & Literacy Education, Digital Literacy Assessment, Educational Equity
Qingqing Yang Yang, Qingqing
LCD Motivation & Emotion, Self-Regulation, Self & Identity
Joanna Yau Yau, Joanna
Technology in Education, Academic Vocabulary Development, Second Language Acquisition
Soobin Yim Yim, Soobin
Academic Language Development, ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Language Testing, CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning)
young_n_12 Young, Neil
Folk Intuitions about Math and Science Concepts
Sarah Young Young, Sara
Teacher Retention, Differential Instruction, Early Intervention Services
Winnie Yu Yu, Winnie

Early Childhood Education, Teacher-Child Interactions, Child Development, Parenting, Educational Policy, Early Childhood Interventions

Elham  Zargar Zargar, Elham

Enhancing & Individualizing Education, Classroom Instruction & Technology, Science of Learning, Cognitive Science Principles

Qing Zhang Zhang, Qing

Early Childhood, Educational Achievement Gap, Educational Equity, Parental Involvement, Cultural & Family Influences

Doron Zinger Zinger, Doron
Teacher Development and Learning, Charter Schools, At-Risk Students, Educational Leadership