Ph.D. Fees, Support, and Housing

Education Fees

Effective for Fall 2015 entry, all incoming UC Irvine Ph.D. in Education students, including California residents, non-residents, and international students, will be offered five years of financial support.*

Funding includes:

  • An academic year stipend or salary
  • Tuition
  • Student Services Fee
  • Student Health Insurance

All support is contingent on meeting program expectations and standards in both academic performance and employment. 

* Exceptions may be made for students who enter the program with funding (e.g., external fellowships or external employment).

Current UC Irvine Graduate Student Fee Information

Sources of Support

Efforts will be made to provide sufficient financial support to allow doctoral students to complete their studies. Graduate students may qualify for a range of fellowships, financial aid, employment, and other awards to either supplement funding or provide academic opportunities and experience: Graduate Funding Information.

The following web pages provide information about the types of support available to graduate students.


  • Research Assistantships
    When available, the School of Education offers research assistantships to outstanding graduate students. The duration and extent of such appointments will vary. General information is available at:

  • Teaching Assistantships
    Teaching Assistantships, when available, are offered to qualified students by the School of Education. General information about employment as a teaching assistant can be accessed at:

    International applicants who wish to be considered for Teaching Assistantships will need to demonstrate their English language proficiency before being eligible. This can be accomplished via several means which are explained at:

  • Teaching Associate
    Teaching Associate positions are offered to doctoral students who have content knowledge and teaching experience in the required subject area. Criteria for employment include a master's degree or equivalent training. General information about employment as a teaching associate is available at:

  • Supervisor of Teacher Education
    When available, the School of Education offers Supervisor of Teacher Education positions to qualified Ph.D. students. Qualified students will have earned a teacher credential and taught in a K-12 classroom, generally within the past five years. Supervisors are normally hired during winter and spring quarters to cover a student teaching assignment of one semester in a school.

Fellowships and Awards

  • Graduate Division Information: Fellowships and Awards
    Information about campus-wide graduate student funding opportunities and resources is available at:

  • School of Education Information: Dissertation Research Fellowships, Grants, and Intern Opportunities
    Various organizations and foundations offer fellowships, grants, and intern opportunities to support dissertation research. Some also give awards for outstanding dissertations.

  • Conference Travel and Professional Development
    Additional program support may be offered by the School of Education on a competitive basis, for example, to support travel for conference presentations or to attend nationally-recognized professional development training.



The University of California, Irvine guarantees an offer of on-campus housing to every newly-admitted full-time Ph.D. student. Further information is available at: