Ph.D. Program Overview

The Ph.D. in Education program of study provides for all students a core knowledge of the requisite educational theory and research, while allowing focus in one of the three areas of specialization.

Each student's program of study will be developed in coordination with a faculty advisor and will be designed to help the student conduct research in the area of specialization. During the first two years, students will take course work, combining core courses, research methods courses, specialization courses, a directed research sequence, and electives. As part of this coursework students have the opportunity to engage in year-long research projects under the direction of faculty in both the first and second year.

In the fall of the second year, students will present findings from their first year research during a poster session. At the beginning of the third year, students will submit an empirical research paper of publishable quality. Midway during the third year, students will submit a theme essay, which can be a conceptual paper, a policy paper, or a course outline.

During the third year, the student will work on advancing to candidacy by completing a dissertation proposal. The dissertation itself will ordinarily be completed within the next two years. Average time for advancement to candidacy will be three years and, for completion of the degree, five years, though students with a strong background in their area of specialization may be able to finish earlier.

Further details about the student program and required course work are included in the student handbook.

Students admitted to the doctoral program will have the option of receiving an M.A. degree in Education en route to the Ph.D. Separate applications to an M.A. only program will not be accepted.