Ph.D. Education Specializations

Ph.D. in Education Specializations

Each student in the Ph.D. program will select a primary specialization. Working with their advisor, students will select a cluster of course work in their specialization and conduct their dissertation research in this area as well. (Students who have research interests in more than one of our specializations may design programs of coursework and research that cross specialization boundaries.)

The three specializations are as follows:

Learning, Cognition, and Development (LCD)

Draws upon cognitive science and developmental psychology to analyze the processes shaping teaching and learning.
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Educational Policy and Social Context (EPSC)

Considers issues of the changing social, cultural, and organizational context of learning to connect policy development and implementation.
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Language, Literacy, and Technology (LLT)

Draws upon applied linguistics and media theory to bridge our understanding of discourse, literacy development, and technology use among students learning in a first or second language.
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