Combined Cognitive and Motivational Interventions for ADHD Individuals: Achievement and Classroom Behavior Outcomes

Principal Investigators

  • UC Irvine Investigator: Susanne Jaeggi
  • University of Michigan PIs: Priti Shah, John Jonides

FunderIES (Institute of Education Sciences, Special Education Research, U.S. Department of Education)

Duration: 2015-2019  


The primary aim of this project is to understand the mechanisms underlying any observed improvements in academic and behavioral outcomes for children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) resulting from participation in a working memory and motivational intervention. ADHD affects up to 10% of children in the US and is associated with poor academic achievement. Although we have shown the promise of a cognitive intervention that focused on working memory skills in a prior IES-funded project, motivation training was not included, and more exploratory work must be done to understand the mechanisms that underlie any observed gains, as well as the mediators and moderators of any observed gains.