Alliance For A Better Community (ABC): Dual Language Learner Teacher Competencies (DLLTC)

Principal Evaluator: Estela Zarate

Graduate Student Researcher: Alejandra Albarrán

Scope of Work

Assistant Professor Estela Zarate has been selected to develop and implement an evaluation component for the Dual Language Learner Teacher Competencies (DLLTC) by the Alliance for a Better Community (ABC). As the principal project evaluator, Dr. Zarate is responsible for developing an evaluation plan to ensure that ABC's DLLTC goals and activities are aligned with identifiable matrices and benchmarks. She also is tasked with establishing methods for capturing such data and achieving set milestones during the two-year project, set to begin this spring. 

Specific Goals of the DDLTC Evaluation

  • Gather input from practitioners and administrators on the feasibility of carrying out the proposed framework once this is developed by the expert advisory committee
  • Identify implementation challenges to be incorporated into the final recommendations of the DLLTC document
  • Measure the impact of the DLLTC document once it is published
  • Conduct interviews with policymakers and key stakeholders to identify the status of policy recommendations and the adoption of the competencies by key ECE delivery systems and workforce development bodies
  • Collect, analyze, and report on evaluation results on an annual basis over the two year period of the project

About Alliance for a Better Community: In 2000, a coalition of concerned Latino leaders created ABC as a result of a shared desire to establish a mechanism that responds to and shapes Latino policy in Los Angeles. Their mission was to ensure the Latino community experiences a rewarding and healthy quality of life. Given the demographics of L.A.'s population, these enhanced opportunities for the Latino community would create, in the long term, a better Los Angeles.