A Cross-National Study of SES Differences in and Adult Correlates of Age 7-10 Achievement, Attention, and Behavioral Skills

Investigator: Greg Duncan

Funding: Russell Sage Foundation

This project investigates social class differences in various skills and capacities among primary school children and associations between these skills and adult (age 27-50) education and labor market attainment. Our investigation will be a comparative one, involving five data sets drawn from four countries:

  • Finland: Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development

  • Great Britain: Cohort Study (1970 birth cohort)

  • Great Britian: National Child Development Study (1958 birth cohort)

  • Sweden: Study of Individual Development and Adaptation

  • United States: Baltimore Beginning School Study

The data sets share two crucial properties for this investigation: (1) measurement of achievement, attention, and behavioral skills on large and diverse samples of children between ages 7 and 10; and (2) measurement of adult earnings, work hours, occupational attainment, completed schooling, and crime during both the childhood and adult (ages 27-50) years.

Collaborators on this project with Dr. Duncan include:

Lars Bergman, Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Developmental Science, Head of the research program Individual Development and Adaptation, University of Stockholm,

Kathryn Duckworth, Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Quantitative Social Science, Institute of Education, London,

Katja Kokko, Academy Research Fellow, University of Jyväskylä, Finland,

Molly Metzger, Graduate Student, Northwestern University

Sharon Simonton, Research Investigator, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan,