California Motivation Project (CAMP)

Investigator: AnneMarie Conley (with PI Stuart Karabenick and Martin Maehr, University of Michigan; PI Paul DeLand and David Pagni, California State University, Fullerton; and Santa Ana Community College, Garden Grove Unified School District, and Orange County Department of Education)

Graduate Student Researchers: Tran Dang, Sean Kao, Teomara Rutherford, Erik Ruzek, Nayssan Safavian

Funding: National Science Foundation

This project extends work in the Math-Science Partnership-Motivation Assessment Program (MSP-MAP) and Teachers Assisting Students to Excel in Learning Mathematics (TASEL-M), which demonstrated success in improving teacher content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, as well as student proficiency in mathematics and science. A district-wide professional development plan is implemented in the Garden Grove Unified School District to strengthen and adapt innovative practices from the earlier projects and take them to scale in all district secondary schools. We examine the causal factors linking the teacher professional development program to increases in student mathematics achievement.