Capturing Teacher Knowledge (TeKno): Using Video Clips of Classroom Instruction as Item Prompts to Measure Teacher Knowledge of Teaching Mathematics

Investigator: Rossella Santagata (with PI Nicole Kersting, University of Arizona, and Karen Givvin, University of California, Los Angeles)

Funding: Institute of Education Sciences

This study examined relationships between (1) teachers' ability to analyze classroom teaching, (2) teaching practices, and (3) student learning. It developed a novel assessment for measuring teacher knowledge of mathematics teaching. This assessment uses online video clips of authentic mathematics instruction for teachers to view and analyze. Teachers are asked to comment on pedagogical and content related issues within the context of real classroom instruction.

Three video-analysis assessments were developed, each addressing a key topic area within the upper elementary and middle school curriculum: (1) fractions, (2) ratio and proportion, and (3) variables, expressions, and equations. Score reliability and criterion-related validity were investigated for each assessment. To examine the instruments' validity, the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) instrument, a measure of the quality of classroom teaching, and student learning outcomes were used. The project also explored automated scoring of teachers' open-ended responses to video clips and compared it to score reliability obtained by human coders.

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