Cloud-Based Writing in K-12 Schools: Continuation

Directors: Mark Warschauer & Josh Lawrence

Funder: Google Research Award

Project Description

Previous research has established that even though learning to write is a vital skill in today's knowledge economy, writing is poorly taught in K-12 schools and learning to write collaboratively with others is seldom taught at all. Building on findings from research funded by a previous Google Research Award, we are continuing to investigate the ways that Google Apps for Education, and particularly Google Docs, is used in writing instruction in a successful public school district that provides one-to-one computer access with netbooks and open source software. Using interviews, observations, a survey, server data, and test score outcomes, this study is pursuing how Google Docs is integrated into instruction for diverse students, what the particular uses are for collaborative writing and receiving and responding to peer or teacher feedback, what the relationship is between use and student test score outcomes in writing, and how all of this can contribute to the design of an online writing environment that incorporates Google Docs and that matches the needs of K-12 schools.