Formative Assessment in Mathematics: Current Status and Guidelines for Future Developments

PI: Jamal Abedi

Co-Principal Investigator: Mark Warschauer

Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Duration: 2015-2019

Project Description

This four-year full research and development project addresses the needs of Discovery Research in grades K-12. It uses mixed methods to explore the current state of formative assessment practices in Mathematics in P-12 schools and classrooms in California and is intended to reach K-12 academic communities nationally.

In Phase I, a statewide survey will be utilized to identify current assessments in use and practices related to their use; 120 schools with high percentages of underrepresented populations will be identified for further study.

Phase II will consist of a series of rigorous psychometric and content analyses of the existing formative assessments to ascertain the validity, reliability, and accessibility of the instruments, with particular attention to the needs of ethnically and economically underrepresented students, English Learners, and students with disabilities.

In Phase III, information from qualitative studies in Phase I and findings from the analyses in Phase II will be utilized to select a group of schools with strong formative assessment practices and academic growth for in-depth, focused qualitative case studies to explore and document successful practices.

The UC Irvine School of Education research team will assist the project team at UC Davis with Phase IV of the project, which aims to establish and validate a formative assessment system for mathematics in California classrooms. The UCI team will conduct a review of the literature and data analyses to provide evidence that supports use of the formative assessment system with English language learners, and collaborate on reports and papers to disseminate project findings.