Investigator: Deborah Lowe Vandell
Researchers: Pilar O’Cadiz, Valerie Hall, Andrea Karsh
Funding: US Department of Education
Dates: October 2008 – September 2011


This project is a 3-year evaluation of a blended model of federally funded supplemental educational services (SES) and 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) afterschool programming being implemented in a local school district, in partnership with a community based organization. The model includes both afterschool enrichment activities and an intensive, research-based instructional program aimed at improving student performance in English/language arts and math. Through the collection and analysis of survey data, program attendance data, achievement test scores, program observations, focus groups and individual interviews, the project seeks to identify best practices related to the implementation of the blended model of SES and afterschool programming as well as the effectiveness of the model in recruiting and retaining students to the SES program and the impact of program participation on student achievement in English/language arts and math.

Both quantitative and qualitative measures and methods are used to evaluate program performance:

  • Student enrollment and attendance in the SES program

  • Student completion of SES sessions (maximum = 34 sessions)

  • Standardized Test Scores (Language Arts and Math) to measure academic improvement

  • Student surveys (pre- and post-participation) focusing on student outcomes

  • Parent surveys (pre- and post-participation) focusing on program choice and satisfaction

  • Interviews with parents, program administrators and staff, and school principals

  • Observations of program activities


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