UC Irvine School of Education Emily Penner, Assistant Professor

Faculty in the School of Education currently have over $41 million of external funding to carry out research and educational outreach in a wide range of areas, from academic literacy to arts education to after-school learning.

Current Projects

Advancing the Use of Digital Museum Assets and Tools in K-12 Classrooms
Subcontact: Mark Warschauer

BB2: Using Baby Books to Improve Maternal and Paternal Parenting and Child Outcomes (2015-2020)
PI: Stephanie Reich

Building a Local Area Network of Computer Science Teachers (2016-2019)
PI: Debra J. Richardson (Informatics)
Co-PIs: Rebecca Black (Informatics), Elizabeth A. Simon (UCSD), Elizabeth A. van Es, and Mark Warschauer

CAMP Part III: Hispanics in the Pipeline: Foundations of Persistence from Middle School to STEM Careers (2015-2018)
PI: AnneMarie Conley & Jacquelynne Eccles

Combined Cognitive and Motivational Interventions for ADHD Individuals: Achievement and Classroom Behavior Outcomes (2015-2019)
PI: Susanne Jaeggi

Complex Equations: Algebra Instruction in the Common Core Era (2014-2017)
Co-PI: Thurston Domina 

Development of a 4-Year Undergraduate Bridge Program for Pre-Service STEM Teachers
PH: Richard Arum

Digital Scaffolding for English Language Arts (2015-2019)
PI: Mark Warschauer 

Distal Factors and Proximal Settings as Predictors of Latino Adolescents' Activities: Insights from Mixed Methods
PI: Sandra Simpkins

Domain-General and Domain-Specific Training to Improve Children’s Mathematics (2016-2019)
PI: Susanne Jaeggi

Equitable Science Curriculum for Integrating Arts in Public Education (ESCAPE) (2013-2015)
PI: Brad Hughes

Evaluating the Quality of Universal Algebra Learning (EQUAL) (2014-2017)
PI: Thurston Domina 

Extending Pathway Project Research to the Community College
PI: Carol Booth Olson

Formative Assessment in Mathematics: Current Status and Guidelines for Future Developments (2015-2019)
PI: Jamal Abedi
Co-PI: Mark Warschauer

From Keystrokes to Achievement Scores: The Main, Mediating, and Moderating Effects of Computer Use on Writing (2015-2016)
PI: Mark Warschauer

How Families Motivate Mexican-Origin Adolescents to Pursue Physical Science in High School
PI: Sandra Simpkins  

Human Capital Interventions Across Childhood and Adolescence (2011-2016)
PI: Greg Duncan

Impacts of Early Childhood Programs on Children: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (2013-2016)
PI: Greg Duncan 

Increasing School Readiness through a Head Start-University Partnership (2015-2017)
PIs: Stephanie Reich, George Farkas, Jade Jenkins

Investigating Virtual Learning Environments (2015-2020)
PI: Mark Warschauer 

Learning Analytics of Cloud-Based Writing in K-12 Schools (2014-2016)
PI: Mark Warschauer

Learning to Learn from Mathematics Teaching (2010-2016)
PI: Rossella Santagata

MATH: EAGER: Online Collaborative Problem Solving in Remedial College Mathematics (2015-2017)
PI: Mark Warschauer

Modest Supports for Sustaining Professional  Development Outcomes over the Long Term (2016-2020)
PI: Judith Haymore Sandholtz

Multitasking as a Collaborative System: Examining the Millenial Generation (2012-2016)
PI: Gloria Mark, Mark Warschauer, & Stephanie Reich

Pathway Project: A Cognitive Strategies Approach to Reading and Writing Instruction for Teachers of Secondary English Language Learners  (2012-2017)
PI: Carol Booth Olson

Pathway to Academic Success: Enhancing Student Achievement Through the Common Core Standards
PI: Carol Booth Olson

Postdoctoral Training Program on Human Capital Interventions in Development 
PI: Greg Duncan

Project CRYSTAL (Cultivating and Researching Youth Systems Thinking Through Authentic Learning)
PI: Rossella Santagata

The Role of Executive Function in Mathematics and Science Learning Difficulties of Students with Disabilities
PI: Paul Morgan (Penn State)
Co-PI: George Farkas

Science Learning Difficulties: Patterns and Predictors in a Nationally Representative Cohort (2015-2017)
(subcontract): George Farkas 

Solving the Equation: Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Math and Science Teachers
PI: Susanna Loeb (Stanford University
Co-PI: Emily Penner

Statewide Afterschool Outcome Measures Online Toolbox
PI: Deborah Lowe Vandelll

Training Cognitive Control to Improve Self-Regulatory Behavior and Mental Health in Adolescents
PI: Susanne Jaeggi

Transferring from a Community College or Initiating in a Four-Year College Directly: Interpreting the Effects in the Presence of Heterogeneity (2016-2017)
PI: Di Xu

Two-Year and Four-Year Pathways to a Baccalaureate: Academic Progress and Labor Market Performance (2015-2016)
Subcontract: Di Xu

Understanding Mediating and Moderating Factors that Determine Transfer of Working Memory Training (2016-2021)
Co-PI: Susanne Jaeggi

Understanding Teacher Noticing for Equitable Mathematics Instruction (2012-2015)
PI: Elizabeth van Es 

University-Community Partnership for an After-School Education Program (2015-2017)
PI: Deborah Lowe Vandell

Working Memory Training in Older Adults (2015-2019)
PI: Susanne Jaeggi

Research Highlights