Investigating the Nature of University Supervisors' "Noticing" of Classroom Lessons

Investigator: Elizabeth van Es

Graduate Student Researchers: Mary Cashen, Laurie Hansen, Jennifer Long

Funding: Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL)

An important part of learning to teach is learning to observe and analyze classroom lessons. This study is concerned with how to help future teachers develop skills at analyzing teaching, or "noticing". One important context for learning to notice is through interactions with university supervisors. The role of the supervisor is to observe pre-service teachers in their student teaching and provide feedback and commentary on their practice. Essentially, the supervisors' practice is noticing teaching and pointing out to prospective teachers what is worthy of attending to and how to make sense of the complexity of teaching. This project investigates the following questions:

  • What do supervisors pay attention to when they analyze classroom lessons?

  • How do supervisors reason about what they notice?

  • How do supervisors communicate to student teachers the important dimensions of teaching to attend to?