Learning to Learn from Mathematics Teaching

Investigator: Rossella Santagata

Funder: National Science Foundation Career Grant

Graduate Student Researchers: Jennifer Sun, Cathery Yeh

Project Goal

The main goal of this project is to study the impact of an approach to the preparation of elementary mathematics teachers that integrates into a traditional math method course a research-based curriculum designed to develop specific dispositions, knowledge, and skills for learning from teaching. The Learning to Learn from Mathematics Teaching (LLMT) curriculum develops pre-service teachers’ ability to reflect on their teaching and on the teaching of others in ways that generate knowledge about mathematics teaching and about student mathematics learning.

Research Design

This project is investigating through a multi-method study the effects of the LLMT curriculum both short term—on pre-service teachers’ learning in the context of an elementary teacher preparation program—and long term—by following them into their first three years of teaching.

Product Generation

By the end of the project, two products will be available for dissemination:

  1. The “Learning to Learn from Mathematics Teaching” curriculum
  2. A website that summarizes the objective and findings of the project and includes resources developed by study participants

Anticipated Benefits

Because the LLMT curriculum focuses teachers’ analysis of teaching on student learning, it has the potential to prepare elementary teachers who are better able to teach mathematics in ways that are responsive to student thinking. This kind of teaching—particularly attentive to students’ individual needs—promotes broader participation and engagement in mathematics learning and thus addresses pressing issues of equity.