Learning for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Evaluation

Investigator: Mark Warschauer

Graduate Student Researchers: David Lee, Binbin Zheng

Funding: Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

This project is a three-year comprehensive evaluation of a school-wide K-12 reform effort that draws on two overlapping frameworks, 21st Century Learning and Understanding by Design. 21st Century Learning aims to provide students with learning experiences that build deeper understanding and acquisition of skills needed to become scientific, business, and civic leaders of the 21st century. Understanding by Design involves a mechanism for achieving these skills as well as the deep conceptual understanding that must accompany them in the natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, humanities, and the arts.

The evaluation focuses on teaching practices, professional development and educational reform, and learning practices in order to meet two broad and complementary goals: (1) to provide formative and summative feedback to the school as it carries out this important reform, and (2) to capture lessons from this implementation that will be of value to educational practitioners and scholars interested in improving teaching and learning. Data collection includes classroom observations; interviews and focus groups with teachers, parents, and students; collection of school documents; and examination of student records.