One Laptop per Mexican Child? Technology Access and Digital Literacy for the New Generation

Investigator: Mark Warschauer

Graduate Student Researcher: Ruy Cervantes

Funding: UC Mexus

Mexico is an important actor in the global economy, but the country is affected by great inequalities among its population, especially in the area of education. While some Mexican youth have access to world class schooling, others are functionally illiterate. Mexico's educational system has to make many changes to ensure that all its students can compete in the globalized world. As in other countries, more effective integration of new technologies in education is part of this process of education reform.

This project is an exploratory case study of pilot programs in Mexican schools that make extensive use of low-cost laptops and other new technologies. We aim to provide a better understanding of the relevance of one laptop per child programs in promoting literacy and educational equity in Mexico by illuminating the broad contextual and social factors that shape use of technology in the programs. We will conduct classroom observations and interviews, and analyze artifacts, in order to address research questions related to overall implementation of the programs, literacy and learning, and home-school-community relations.