Year III Implementation of Outcome Measures For Summer Learning Programs

Principal Investigator: Deborah Lowe Vandell

Researchers: Pilar O'Cadiz, Valerie Hall, Andrea Karsh

Funding: David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Project Description

This project provides the 10 Packard Summer Learning Communities a reliable and robust set of outcome measures that are appropriate for the Summer Learning Program. The project has five specific aims:

  1. Offer access to assessments of skill development and positive behavior of students in grades 3-12 who are participants in Summer Learning programs that are part of the Packard Summer Learning Communities in Summer 2013. These assessments will be used to show changes in students’ skill development and positive behaviors from the beginning of the summer program to the end. Programs will be able to choose which scales from the battery of Online Toolbox measures they would like to administer.
  2. Provide technical assistance to summer learning programs in the use of the measurement tools. Follow-up phone interviews with program staff will be used to assess the effectiveness of this technical assistance.
  3. Provide participating programs with confidential reports summarizing their students’ performance in pre and post surveys administered at start of summer program (June 2013) and at the end of the summer program (July-August 2013). For programs that provide the student demographic data (gender, grade level, ethnicity, ELL status, FRL status), program-level student outcome scores will also be reported for these sub-groups of students.
  4. Provide programs with technical assistance in interpreting and using these scores to guide program improvement and to serve as accountability data for funders. Programs will be asked to provide feedback about the usefulness of the reports so that the report format can be modified if needed.
  5. Provide the Packard Summer Learning Initiative collaborative with recommendations for use of outcome measures in addressing the initiatives goals of improving the quality of summer enrichment experiences and communicating the benefits of these experiences to stakeholders. 

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