Targeted Technical Assistance to Accelerate the Development of Certified Linked Learning Pathways in California

Investigator: Gilberto Q. Conchas

Funder: James Irvine Foundation

Under this grant, Dr. Gilberto Q. Conchas will function as Executive Director of the College and Career Academy Support Network (CCASN) and Project Director of the UC Irvine Center. His responsibilities will include supporting CCASN’s capacity to serve the emerging Linked Learning (LL) field statewide but primarily in the four LL districts in Southern California: Los Angeles Unified School District, Long Beach, Montebello, and Pasadena.

Dr. Conchas’ activities will include close collaboration with UC Berkeley on overseeing all aspects of the project; guiding the development and proposed technical assistance (TA) work of CASN's Southern California Center; assisting with management and successful coaching in Oakland and in Sacramento; and contributing to CASN's organizational development.

Technical assistance will include the following:

  1. master scheduling that assures pathway student cohorts and common planning time for pathway teaching teams
  2. guiding and supporting development of CTE course descriptions that qualify for UC a-g approval, including adoption of courses from the California Partnership Academies (CPA) program lists
  3. using reports from UC Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) to inform decision-making and continuous improvement; strategies for engaging pathway teaching teams in using individual TES student reports with pathway students; professional development and support to develop related college and career going cultures
  4. LL-CAP convergence, involves explaining to existing CPAs how LL pathway quality criteria overlap with CPA requirements, and how the LL criteria also include teaching and learning specifications that can benefit CPAs