Integrating Videos of Effective Teaching Artists into Classes for Pre-Service Teaching Artists

Investigators: Liane Brouillette (with Nina Sun Eidsheim, Department of Musicology, University of California, Los Angeles; Pat Harter, Department of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles; and Tim Keirn, Department of the History, California State University, Long Beach)

Graduate Student Researcher: Shelly Van Amburg

Funding: Dana Foundation

This multi-campus project provides professional development to pre-service teaching artists. The primary focus is the expansion of two proven teaching artist programs: Mapping the Arts/Mapping the Beat and ArtsCore K-2. Videos of effective teaching artists working in K-8 classrooms will be integrated into university training courses in order to enhance the training and preparation of pre-service teachers.

The Mapping the Arts curriculum brings multicultural music, theater, dance, and visual arts into K-8 classrooms. Lessons are tied to state and national standards in the arts, social science/history, and literacy. The Mapping the Beat curriculum integrates the arts, geography, and social studies into a single body of lesson plans based on three concepts-environment, identity, and movement. Students consider how the physical character of a region shapes the arts and how the arts shape the cultural character of regions.

ArtsCore K-2 is a professional development program designed to help improve teaching in Grades K-2 in visual and performing arts and English language arts. The curriculum includes nine sequential, standards-based lessons in dance, theater, and visual arts in kindergarten and first and second grade.

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