University of California Educational Evaluation Center (UCEC): Irvine Campus

Site Director: Greg Duncan

Funder: University of California Office of the President (UCOP)

Professor Greg Duncan will serve as the University of California Evaluation Center (UCEC) Campus Site Director at University of California, Irvine. Site Directors (SDs) provide the Center the content and methodological breadth necessary to address the broad scope of evaluation needs and opportunities present throughout the nation, state, and the University of California.

Primary SD responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop networks of content and methodological experts within their campus who share an interest in evaluating educational initiatives
  • Work together to address state and national RFPs that focus on the evaluation of educational initiatives. When an RFP is pursued, Site Directors will identify faculty interested in being responsible for the evaluation and act as an advisory body for that initiative
  • Allocate UCEC campus funds within their institution, according to policy, to develop and support locally generated evaluation efforts
  • Produce ideas and proposals for external funding of UCEC-generated educational evaluation initiatives
  • Act as a contact point for any faculty on the campus seeking support for the evaluation of the educational components of their research grants
  • Confer with other site directors on a quarterly basis to discuss potential initiatives and projects, plan grant competitions and workshops, and set agendas for future research
  • Design graduate student evaluation workshops
  • Hire and supervise a graduate student researcher
  • Submit technical and financial reports, as required

SDs serve as the governing body for the UCEC and are responsible for developing the infrastructure (policies and procedures) necessary to establish and maintain the UCEC. SDs meet in person once/year at UC Santa Barbara and participate in other meetings via video conferencing and telephone conference calling throughout the year, as needed.