Video-Enhanced Fieldwork for the Preparation of Teachers

Investigator: Rossella Santagata

Graduate Student Researchers: Tran Dang, Laurie Hansen

Most teacher credential programs include a fieldwork component that should prepare students for the job of teaching by exposing them to the complexity of the classroom. The literature on teacher preparation is still not clear on what are some effective ways to guide students' fieldwork experiences so that they positively impact student teacher learning. This study assesses the effectiveness of an innovative video-based course designed to guide student teachers' observation of instruction during fieldwork. Anticipated benefits are based on the premise that videos of classroom instruction make it possible to connect the knowledge learned in pre-service teacher education courses to the classroom context in which student teachers conduct their fieldwork experiences.

Student learning from this course is compared to student learning from a more traditional, topic-driven version of the course. Learning is measured through the analysis of students' responses to course assignments, performance on an assessment completed at the end of the course, analysis of classroom videotapes, and interviews with the researchers.