"What Do You Notice?": Understanding the Nature and Development of Pre-Service Teachers' Professional Vision for Mathematics Teaching

Investigator: Elizabeth van Es

Researcher: Valerie Henry

Graduate Student Researchers: Tara Barnhart, Huy Chung, Daniel Flynn, Laurie Hansen

Funding: Young Scholars Research Fellowship, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation

This project investigates how a pre-service teacher education course that utilizes video recordings of classrooms can help future secondary mathematics teachers learn to "notice" student thinking, or to develop a keen eye for attending to and reasoning about student ideas as a lesson unfolds and therefore teach math for understanding. Two specific research questions will be addressed:

  • What do pre-service teachers notice when they observe teaching and how does this develop over time?

  • How does their experience in a pre-service teacher education program, and particularly a video-based class, influence their noticing?