"I want to work in children’s programming within museums and cultural centers."
Ashley Leung
Ashley Leung, Alumna
BA in Education Sciences

Irvine, Calif., July 2015 

Growing up I always enjoyed learning new things, whether it was in school or out of it. Learning was an adventure, and being challenged by my teachers and peers kept me hungry for more knowledge.

Realizing that it wasn’t this way for everyone, and that I wanted to change it, was when I knew that a career in education was in my future. 

If someone were to ask me to identify the most important thing I learned from getting a BA in Education Sciences at UCI, I won’t give them a statistic. I won’t tell them about the details of a multistep tutoring program or express my preference of one ancient philosopher over another.

I would say that the most significant thing I gained was the exposure to perspectives different from my own and the ability to learn and adapt from them.

From the professors and peers who surrounded me in the classes I took, to the educators and students that I got to know during my fieldwork, I absorbed more from hearing their opinions on how to improve and progress the quality of education than I could with any old textbook.

My time within the Education Sciences program made me realize that my goal in life is to give students the opportunity to be curious about the world they live in, to foster their interest in their own education, and to prepare them to be understanding and tolerant of those around them.

With my degrees in Education Sciences and Anthropology, I want to work in children’s programming within museums and cultural centers. Getting students excited about something is the first step to a world of knowledge. I can’t wait to help them explore it!