April 2020 Newsletter
Our Commitment to Education
These are exceptional times that have required all of us to take swift action and make drastic changes to our personal and professional lives to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. On behalf of the entire UCI School of Education, I wish you and your loved ones good health during this difficult time.

While navigating a situation that remains fluid and uncertain, education must serve as a stabilizing force for society. However, as educators, we know that a seismic shift in how we deliver instruction can be fraught with difficulties, leading to performance decrements that can jeopardize learning opportunities and outcomes. Therefore, we must work to ensure that the education of K12, community college, and university students is not compromised.

To address this growing need, the School of Education launched an Online Learning Research Center, designed to provide evidence-based resources for educators, students and researchers to improve achievement and equity in online learning. The Center is led by Professors   Mark Warschauer   and  Di Xu , both experts in the field of online learning, and is the culmination of decades of research.

To further support the community during this unprecedented transition, the School of Education is compiling the relevant research, resources and materials of its faculty, staff and students into one convenient website . We hope this site - which will be updated regularly as additional tools and resources are developed - can serve professors, students, K12 teachers and teacher educators, and more.

Since our inception, the School of Education has focused on improving educational opportunities and outcomes for students of all backgrounds and ages. Despite the circumstances, we remain unflinching in our pursuit of this mission, and are here to serve our nation's students and educators.

That is our commitment to education.

Be well,
Richard Arum
Dean and Professor
UCI School of Education

School of Education Launches Online Learning Research Center
The new Online Learning Research Center - led by Profs. Mark Warschauer and Di Xu , leading experts in the field of online learning - provides evidence-based resources for educators, students and researchers to improve achievement and equity in online learning. Watch Profs. Warschauer and Xu, along with Dean Richard Arum , introduce the center in the video below.
Resources for Remote Instruction
The UCI School of Education is home to faculty, staff and students uniquely equipped to provide research, practical solutions and guidance during the pandemic. Resources for faculty, K12 teachers and families, and students of all backgrounds are being compiled into one convenient website. Please check back regularly as we update with additional resources curated to meet the growing needs of our community.
UCI Education in the News
Prof. June Ahn quoted in Journalist's Resource - Online Schools: Students' performance often falls behind kids at other public schools

Dean Richard Arum op-ed in New York Times - What is a College Education in the Time of Coronavirus?

Distinguished Prof. Greg Duncan quoted in New York Times - The Safety Net is Stronger. What Happens After the Coronavirus?

Prof. Adriana Villavicencio quoted in Newsweek - School Closures Due to Coronavirus Could Widen Education Inequality Among Students

Prof. Di Xu quoted in Seattle Times - The coronavirus is forcing many colleges to go online only. But will it work for everyone?

UCI School of Education alum providing free materials for kids during school closures

UCI School of Education Online Learning Research Center profiled

UCI School of Education Online Learning Research Center featured
UCI School of Education Alumni in Action:
Responding to COVID-19
As educators, you make an indelible impact on the lives of others every day. Now, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many of you are making a difference in new and inspiring ways. We want to hear about it.

Whether you have established a new way to educate students or donated supplies to a local shelter, no acts of kindness are too small, nor should they go unnoticed. If you, or a School of Education alumni you know, has recently embarked upon such an act, please click below to share the story.

Educators are selfless, courageous and compassionate leaders, and it is during this time when we are reliant upon, and inspired by, their service to the community. We thank you in advance for your tireless efforts.
More from the UCI School of Education
Professor Mark Warschauer elected to National Academy of Education
"I have dedicated my career to better understand how the power of new technologies can best (promote educational and social inclusion), and thus benefit diverse learners around the world," Warschauer said. He is the fifth professor from the School of Education elected to the Academy.
OCEAN Research: Enhancing Dual-Language Curriculum
A research project between the School of Education and the El Sol Science & Arts Academy is generating findings that could impact K12 schools across the nation.
Faculty Stories
Shanyce Campbell
Assistant Professor Shanyce Campbell and Dean Richard Arum discuss Campbell's study of teacher preparation and effectiveness, K-12 education policy, and educational inequity.
Jade Jenkins
Assistant Professor Jade Jenkins sits down with Dean Richard Arum to share her views on early childhood development, child and family policy, and policy analysis and management.
Student News
Rudy Hanley Scholarship supporting future history teacher
"I just knew as early as 14 that I wanted to teach," said Saeed Hussein Marandi , Master of Arts in Teaching candidate and Orange County native who currently student teaches at Aliso Niguel High School.
Doctoral student awarded Miguel Velez Scholarship
First-year doctoral student Maria Sauval 's research interests include the social organization of early childhood care and education, and program evaluation to inform social policies, particularly in Latin American countries.
New Publications
Recent publications by our faculty and graduate students
First-year doctoral student Joseph Abule : "Hedged Language and Partisan Media Influence Belief in Science Claims," in Science Communication

Associate Professor Drew Bailey ( pictured, right ): “Reciprocal Effects of Reading and Mathematics? Beyond the Cross-Lagged Panel Model,” in Developmental Psychology
Associate Professor Drew Bailey : "Rock the MIC: The Matrix of Implied Causation for Design and Model Checking," in Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science

Assistant Professor Rachel Baker and third-year doctoral student Gabe Orona : "The Role of Non-cognitive Variables in Identifying Community College Students in Need of Targeted Supports," in Research in Higher Education

Tara Barnhart (Ph.D. '16) and Associate Professor Elizabeth van Es : "Developing a Critical Discourse About Teaching and Learning: The Case of a Secondary Science Video Club," in Journal of Science Teacher Education

Melissa Callaghan (Ph.D. '18) and Associate Professor  Stephanie Reich: " Applying a Developmental Lens to Educational Game Design for Preschoolers, " in   International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

Third-year doctoral student Edward H. Chen and Associate Professor Drew Bailey : "Dual-Task Studies of Working Memory and Arithmetic Performance: A Meta-Analysis," in Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory and Cognition
Chancellor's Professor Carol Connor ( pictured, left ): "Predicting Second and Third Graders’ Reading Comprehension Gains: Observing Students’ and Classmates Talk During Literacy Instruction Using COLT," in Scientific Studies of Reading

Chancellor's Professor Carol Connor : "Language and Reading Progress of Young Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children," in Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Chancellor's Professor Carol Connor , postdoctoral researcher Ashley Adams , fourth-year doctoral students Elham Zargar and Taffeta Wood , research assistant Belinda E. Hernandez , and Chancellor's Professor Emeritus Deborah Lowe Vandell : "Observing Individual Children in Early Childhood Classrooms Using Optimizing Learning Opportunities for Students (OLOS): A Feasibility Study," in Early Childhood Research Quarterly

Associate Project Scientists Anna-Lena Dicke and Nayssan Safavian , with Distinguished Professor Jacquelynne Eccles : “Traditional Gender Role Beliefs & Career Attainment in STEM: A Gendered Story?” in Gendered Paths into STEM

Distinguished Professor George Farkas : "Achievement Gaps and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support," in Policy Analysis for California Education

Distinguished Professor George Farkas : "District-Level Achievement Gaps Explain Black and Hispanic Overrepresentation in Special Education," in Exceptional Children

Third-year doctoral student Sharin Jacob , with first-year doctoral student Leiny Garcia and Professor Mark Warshcauer : " Leveraging Multilingual Identities in Computer Science Education," in Technology and the Psychology of Second Language Learners and Users.
Associate Professor Susanne Jaeggi ( pictured, right) : "Evidence for the Contribution of COMT Gene Val158/108Met Polymorphism (rs4680) to Working Memory Training‐Related Prefrontal Plasticity," in Brain and Behavior
Associate Professor Susanne Jaeggi : "Quantifying the Difference between Active and Passive Control Groups in Cognitive Interventions Using two Meta-Analytical Approaches," in Journal of Cognitive Enhancement
Professor Young-Suk Kim : "Academic Language and Listening Comprehension—Two Sides of the Same Coin?" in Educational Psychology

Professor Young-Suk Kim : "Structural Relations of Language and Cognitive Skills, and Topic Knowledge to Written Composition: A Test of the Direct and Indirect Effects Model of Writing," in British Journal of Educational Psychology

Professor Young-Suk Kim : " Toward Integrative Reading Science: The Direct and Indirect Effects Model of Reading ," in Journal of Learning Disabilities.
Fourth-year doctoral student Jiwon Lee and Professor Rossella Santagata : "A Longitudinal Study of Novice Primary School Teachers’ Knowledge and Quality of Mathematics Instruction," in ZDM: The International Journal on Mathematics Education
Second-year doctoral student Undraa Maamuujav and Professor Emerita Carol Booth Olson : "Meeting the Linguistic Needs of Adolescent Multilingual Writers for Academic Writing," chapter in The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching

Second-year doctoral student Undraa Maamuujav : "Developing Autonomous Self-Editors: An Alternative Approach to Written Corrective Feedback," in CATESOL Journal

Professor Elizabeth Peña : "A Longitudinal Investigation of the Semantic Receptive-Expressive Gap in Spanish-English Bilingual Children," in International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Associate Professor Stephanie Reich : "Applying a Developmental Lens to Educational Game Design for Preschoolers," in International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

Associate Professor Stephanie Reich : "Baby Books," in Effective approaches to reducing physical punishment and teaching disciplinary alternatives

Associate Professor Lindsey Richland : "Beyond Wealth and Health: The Social Environment as a Protective Factor for Cognitive Development of Children in Nicaragua," in Journal of Cognition and Development

Professor Judith Haymore Sandholtz : "Offering Modest Supports to Extend Professional Development Outcomes and Enhance Elementary Science Teaching," in
Professor  Sandra Simpkins , Chancellor's Professor Emeritus Deborah Lowe Vandell and third-year doctoral student Su Jiang : "Patterns of Prosocial Behaviors in Middle Childhood Predicting Peer Relations during Early Adolescence," in Journal of Adolescence
Second-year doctoral student Michelle Spiegel : "Harnessing a Behavioral Economic Framework for Supporting Providers in Improving Early Childhood Care," in The Early Years
Postdoctoral scholar Christine Starr : "Engaging in Science Practices in Classrooms Predicts Increases in Undergraduates' STEM Motivation, identity, and Achievement: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study," in Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Associate Professor Elizabeth van Es : "Leveraging the Power of Video for Teacher Learning: A Design Framework for Teacher Educators," in International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education, Vol. 2 (2nd Ed): Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education

Chancellor's Professor Emeritus Deborah Lowe Vandell , Ken Lee (Ph.D. '16), Anamarie Auger Whitaker (Ph.D. '14) and Director of Research Kim Pierce: "Cumulative and Differential Effects of Early Child Care and Middle Childhood Out‐of‐School Time on Adolescent Functioning," in Child Development
Associate Professor Di Xu , Sabrina Solanki (Ph.D. '19) and fourth-year doctoral student Ashley Harlow : "Stepping-Stone or Roadblocks? The Impact of Two-Year College Entry on Baccalaureate Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes," in American Enterprise Institute Policy Paper

Associate Professor   Di Xu , fourth-year doctoral student Qing Zhang  and third-year doctoral student Xuehan Zhou : "The Impact of Low-Ability Peers on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes: Random Assignment Evidence on the Effects and Operating Channels. in the   Journal of Human Resources .
Upcoming Events
Project-Based Learning Workshops
The following PBL workshops are available via Zoom, and each will run from
4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT. Click on the Zoom link to view or pre-register.
April 16
"PBL for Everyone: Introduction, Curriculum and Key Components" - Zoom

April 23
"PBL and STEAM: Anchored in Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice" - Zoom

April 30  
"PBL for Everyone: Introduction, Curriculum and Key Components" - Zoom

May 7
"PBL and STEAM: Anchored in Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice" - Zoom

UCI School of Education Brownbags
UCI School of Education Brownbags is a series of daytime presentations delivered by leading professors from across the nation. All Brownbags will be delivered via Zoom until further notice.

For a full list of upcoming Brownbag speakers, please click here .
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Ball State University
12:00 p.m. -1:00 p.m. PT

Watch Prof. Ramirez on Zoom
Distinguished Professor, Department of Language Science University of California, Irvine
12:00 p.m. -1:00 p.m. PT

Watch Prof. Kroll on Zoom
Harvard Graduate School of Education
12:00 p.m. -1:00 p.m. PT

Watch Prof. Kim on Zoom